Watercolour Real Brush Pens - Set of 12

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  • Water-Based Ink - Create watercolour effects with precision control
  • Versatile - Use for sketching, calligraphy, drawing, and blending
  • Flexible Nylon Brush Tip - Draw small, calligraphy-like strokes to broader strokes that get more surface area
  • Nontoxic - Safe for adults and children and conforms to ASTM regulations

Produce beautiful watercolour paintings in rich, broad strokes. Create stunning calligraphy in small, neat strokes. You can even sketch, draw or fill in colouring books, with a single tool.

To use with water: Apply colour in a line along the edge you wish to be the darkest. Apply more ink over this line or draw several lines next to each other for more saturated colour. Fill the included water brush pen, and brush it over the ink. The water will pull the colour across the page in a natural gradient just like watercolour paints.

To use without water: Pick two to three colours you wish to blend together - Shadow, Highlight, and Main Colour. Starting with the darkest colour, draw lines along the most shaded areas of your piece. Use your Highlight colour to add in marks where highlights should be. Finally, take the main colour, and colour over the highlights and shadows to blend all three together.

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