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Holographic Scratch Paper Notes, 9cm x 9cm - Set of 202

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  • Variety of Vibrant Patterns – Colourful selection of Rainbow, Holographic, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue and Space patterned notes
  • Easy to Use – Simply scratch the sheets and let your imagination do the rest
  • Scratching Supplies Inside – With 2 Scratchers and 2 Sharpeners included, you’ll have everything you need to scratch with ease
  • Makes a Great Gift – Watch the faces of your loved ones light up as they discover their artistic side, or enjoy these for yourself


Scratch your way to successful scratch art with our premium set of 202 Holographic Scratch Paper Notes. This premium set includes 202 sheets of scratch art paper, 2 scratchers and 2 scratcher sharpeners; providing you with everything you need to create truly one of a kind scratch artwork. The 202 sheets of premium scratch art paper come in a variety of colourful patterns. Our colourful selection of scratch art paper comes in rainbows, holographic, silver, gold, pink, blue and space patterns. Create stunning works of art and life-long memories with this premium set of scratch notes.


Scratch art is widely known as being one of the most approachable forms of art. Creating elaborate scratch art is super easy with this premium set; simply scratch the sheets and let your imagination do the rest. Create imaginative or real life-based dazzling artwork with our all-in-one premium set of holographic scratch paper notes. Each scratch note featured in this set measures to 9 x 9 cm—an ideal size to create on. Indulge your creative side by ordering this premium set of 202 holographic scratch paper notes today.


Jazz up your notes, doodles and more with our set of Holographic Scratch Paper Notes. Since scratch art is designed for individuals of all backgrounds, anyone can create captivating drawings, notes and more with this set. Indulge your creative side by ordering this premium set of Holographic Scratch Paper Notes for yourself or a loved one!

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