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Mica Powder, 5g Bottles - Set of 60

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  • 60 Unique Colours - Comes with 57 metallic colours & 3 chameleon colours (5 g each)
  • For a Variety of Uses - Add these eye-catching colours to polymer clay, resin, candles, pouring acrylics, and more
  • Measurement Spoon Included - Get the right proportions for your DIY project
  • Certified Non-Toxic - Adheres to ASTM D-4236 making it suitable for artists of all levels

Add a boost of shine to your DIY projects with 60 fun & dazzling colours. With 57 metallic and 3 chameleon shades, you can make your creations stand out. Each set comes with a 0.2-gram measuring spoon to help you scoop out just enough for your project. You’ll find that even the smallest amount of powder will produce stunning results. Mix these powders right into resin, paints, polymer clay, candle decorations, and so much more. You can even blend colours together to create custom shades and develop one-of-a-kind crafts.


When you’re done, simply place the cap back onto the container and you’ll be ready to move on to the next colour or project. You can be confident that these powders will retain their vibrant colour once added to your medium of choice. Plus, they’re nontoxic, so creators of all levels can enjoy using them. Organize and store your set easily with the convenient container it comes in, and start creating brilliant DIY creations.


Delve into a new medium by investing in this premium set of 60 Mica Powders. Our Mica Powders each come with 5 grams providing you with more than enough Mica Powder to bring your artwork to life! Whether you’re looking to add that extra splash of pizzaz to your paintings, mixed media pieces, or pour paintings you’ll find this set of Mica Powders makes a world of difference. Transform your surfaces with our magnificent Mica Powders during your extended time indoors this year. Now is the perfect time to start a new art project. Order your set of 60 premium Mica Powders today!


Please Note: This Mica Powder is ethically sourced and comes from a facility in the People’s Republic of China that certifies that the product was obtained without the use of child-labor.

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