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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Black, Mixed Media, 24.2cm x 24.2cm - 20 Sheets

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  • Foldable Frames - This pad features glue-bound paper with sheets that have folding and cutting lines on them for you to easily craft your own framed piece
  • Mixed Media Welcome - Both sides of our premium DIY black paper can be used for drawing & painting, offering artists one surface for any media
  • Ready to Hang - Our ready-fold frames can be hung on the wall or displayed in an easel or placed up against a wall or shelf 
  • Non-Toxic Paper Frame - Each sheet of black mixed media paper is acid-free & non-toxic, inviting artists to create foldable framed artwork

Arteza’s DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad with black paper is the perfect all-in-one paper pad for any artist. Our mixed media paper is ideal for wet, dry and mixed media artwork, inviting artists to create with: coloured pencils, graphites, markers, pens, crayons, pastels, charcoals, chalks, paints and more all on one surface. Our 400 gsm art paper comes in a beautiful black color to allow your colors to truly pop, try working with any metallic paints, gel pens or colored pencils for marvelous effects. Each sheet of DIY mixed media paper is acid-free and non-toxic.


Our DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad features easy-to-follow instructions and indentations so you can create a framed mixed media piece effortlessly. This black paper sketch pad will make framing your work in just moments a possibility so you can create and display without any additional supplies needed. Each 34.4cm x 38cm sketchbook page included can easily be folded down to a 24.2cm x 24.2cm framed mixed media masterpiece. This black paper framing sketch pad is unique on the market and makes a great gift for any artist. 


Our glue-bound, black paper framing sketch pad offers artists both a surface to create on and frame, all in one sketchbook. This paper pad makes a fantastic gift for any creative. Regardless of their skill level, any artist will make great use of this mixed media paper pad. Whether you are just learning how to paint or draw, or consider yourself a professional, this DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad will impress any creative being. Order your paper pad while supplies last.

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