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Disposable Palette Pad, 22.9cm x 30.5cm, 40 Sheets - Pack of 2

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  • Tear-Away Sheets - Each glue-bound pad features 40 sheets of 80 gsm smooth-coated paper that you can easily detach
  • Convenient Thumb Hole - Allows you to hold the palette comfortably as you work on your painting
  • Bleed-Proof & Acid-Free - Each page is durable enough to hold media like oil paints, acrylics, gouache, watercolors & more
  • Simple Cleanup - No need to wash or scrape dry paint from your palette’s surface, simply tear off the sheet and move on to the next project

Allow painting to require less clean up by securing our two-pack of Disposable Palette Pads. The lightweight, glue-bound pads are perfect for taking on the go. The 80 gsm bleed-proof pages that fill this pad offers you the optimal surface for painting with your favourite wet media. Each smooth-coated page features a white tone so that you’ll be able to see the true shade and texture of the paint before adding it to your paintings or mixed media pieces.


Whether you’re mixing paint with paint brushes or palette knives, these pages can withstand whatever blending techniques you choose. If you prefer holding your palette as you work, you’ll appreciate the convenient hole included which allows you to grip the pad with your thumb. When you’re finished working on your paintings, simply tear away the disposable palette page. 


Painting doesn’t have to be a whole production thanks to our premium Disposable Palette Pads. Paint more frequently, since you won’t feel deterred by the unnecessary clean up, by upgrading to these versatile pads. Regardless of your wet media preference, age or background you’ll find yourself in awe at how hassle-free painting can be with these pads. Motivate yourself to create even more paintings this year by investing in this affordable two-pack of Disposable Palette Paper Pads. 

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