Premium Acrylic Paint Set, 22ml Tubes - Set of 60

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  • Easy-to-Squeeze Tubes - Get quick access with less mess
  • Rich & Vibrant Colour - High pigmentation for colour that pops 
  • Paint on Practically Anything - Use on any dry surface
  • Excellent Lightfastness - Create fade-resistant, sharp designs that last

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Each tube is labeled with the shade's lightfastness rating, opacity level, pigment information, and color name/number
These Acrylic Paints are ACMI-certified safe for your complete peace of mind
Keep your paints organized and accessible with the sturdy box included
wide selection of colors
60 highly pigmented shades

A101 Titanium White

A139 Yellow Pale

A102 Lemon Yellow

A121 Mid Yellow

A140 Deep Yellow

A113 Yellow Ochre

A127 Gold

A144 Oxide Yellow

A131 Naples Yellow

A148 Indian Yellow

A152 Mars Orange

A114 Orange Yellow

A126 Orange Red

A129 Pearl Copper Gold

A106 Scarlet Red

A145 Vermilion Red

A142 Brilliant Red

A161 Cochineal Red

A155 Rose Madder

A105 Crimson Red

A150 Bordeaux Red

A138 Carmine Red

A115 Rose

A146 Magenta Light

A157 Neon Pink

A141 Pink

A135 Flesh Tint

A134 Mauve Pale

A125 Violet

A111 Phthalo Blue

A110 Ultramarine Blue

A116 Prussian Blue

A124 Cobalt Blue

A147 Pearl Sapphire Blue

A123 Cerulean Blue

A154 Sky Blue

A120 Emerald Green

A103 Phthalo Green

A136 Viridian Green

A122 Prussian Green

A158 Deep Green

A143 Light Sap Green

A149 Chromium Oxide Green

A159 Mid Green

A109 Pale Green

A156 Yellow Green

A137 Olive Green

A119 Raw Sienna

A118 Raw Umber

A130 Pearl Deep Brown

A108 Burnt Umber

A151 Sangria Red

A107 Burnt Sienna

A153 Mars Brown

A160 Payne’s Gray

A162 Vandyke Brown

A112 Mars Black

A132 Gray

A117 Cold Gray

A128 Silver

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