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Classic Stretched Canvas, 30cm x 40cm - Pack of 6

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  • 100% Cotton Surface - This purely cotton surface is ideal for smooth painting in a variety of wet media
  • Pre-Primed - Each canvas comes primed with three coats of an acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Sturdy Pinewood Frame - The canvas is stretched over durable pinewood that won't warp or swell due to the environment
  • Acid-Free - The acid-free nature of this canvas paired with its cotton surface creates an ideal archival surface for your painting

Create upon our ready-to-use Classic Stretched Canvases with this 6-pack. Our 6-pack of 30 x 40 cm classic stretched canvases features (6) 100% cotton-surfaced classic stretched canvases which are fit for wet media, as well as some mixed media. Paint with acrylic, gouache, oil, tempera, watercolour or pouring paints with our classic stretched canvases. Each canvas included in this pack of 6 comes pre-primed with three coats of acid-free titanium acrylic gesso. We have taken the time to carefully prime each classic stretched canvas to save you the time, money and energy associated with priming your canvases.  


The acid-free nature of our canvases paired with their cotton surfaces creates an ideal archival surface for painting. The 100% cotton surfaces are stretched over and stapled to a durable pinewood that won’t warp or swell over time; providing you with exceptional canvases upon which you can create. 


Jump-start your artistic journey with our Stretched Canvas 6-Pack. Our classic stretched canvases feature  top-shelf quality canvas you’ll be thrilled to create with. Additionally, this convenient pack of six, wonderful canvases will have you reaching to create more frequently. See the difference having a set of six fantastic canvases in your collection makes by ordering this Stretched Canvas Pack of 6!

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