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Professional Drawing Pencils, Medium Degrees - Set of 12

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  • Different Degrees of Hardness - Create a variety of line thicknesses and values with hardness grades ranging from 6B to 4H
  • Break Resistant - The high-density graphite allows for pressure on the pencil without breaking the points
  • Ready-to-Use - Includes pre-sharpened pencils that you can use from the moment you open the case
  • Protective Metal Case - This professional drawing pencils set comes in a sturdy metal tin to keep your pencils safe, organised and always intact

You’ll be able to create expert drawings with this set of 12 Professional Drawing Pencils that come in lead hardness grades from 6B to 4H. These graphite pencils are ideal for all types of sketching and drawing. The set includes H, 2H, 3H, and 4H leads that can be used for making fine details and light hatching. It also includes B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, and 6B leads that are dark enough for shading and colouring. Each one is made of break-resistant graphite for pencils that can take additional pressure without damaging the points.


Every pencil is pre-sharpened and ready to use. They feature a sophisticated black barrel with a smooth matte finish that is easy to grip with easy-to-see silver lettering. Easy to store in their protective metal case with a handy tray container, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to keep them organised and accessible. These pencils are great for writing and hand lettering as well. You’ll be able to make beautiful and quality artwork with this artist-grade set.


Fundamental to many artworks is sketching and drawing. Whether you are a ceramic potter, graphic designer, street artist, animator painter, you often need to sketch/draw your design before bringing it to fruition. This set of 12 Professional Drawing Pencils will assist you in planning or creating your next art pieces. This set of graphite pencils provides artists with a wide range of pencils so you’ll have a pencil for every shading or sketching opportunity. Whether you’re just learning how to draw or consider yourself the next Michaelangelo you are sure to make excellent use of this set of 12 expert-grade Drawing Pencils. Secure your set today to prepare yourself for all that you will create throughout the year.

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