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Buying your favorite art supplies is a treat, and now we’re making it even sweeter! You will gain points toward rewards for every pound you spend. As your standing in the club raises, so will the number of points you can accrue!

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Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter and earn some extra rewards! Be inspired by art, learn some tips, and enjoy our videos and earn points toward your next reward! As simple as Follow, Like, Share!

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Everyone loves getting in on deals and making friends. It’s a win-win! Send them a present on us simply by recommending that we meet! They get an instant discount, and you acquire more points toward your next reward!

Club Standing


A new journey always starts with a little bit of interest. Entering the program as a Hobbyist grants you 200 points right away. At this Standing, your Shopping Bonus is 5 points for every Pound.


When you sink your teeth into the program, you will become a Crafter. To celebrate your step up, you get a £5 off reward and your Shopping Bonus increases to 6 points per pound.


Becoming an Artezan is something most strive for. As the Master of your passions, we reward you with £10 off, and we up your Shopping Bonus to 7 points per pound!

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Common Questions

  • Is joining Arteza.Club free?
  • Yes! Use your email to sign up and start earning! There are no fees remain a member!

  • How do I sign up?
  • Good news! If you currently have an account at, you’re already a member! Simply log in and view the points you’ve collected!

    If you are new to Arteza or never made an account before, click the Rewards link in the top right of the window next to the cart button. Click on one of the green “Join the Club” buttons. Fill out your name and email, and then click create!

  • How do I use/spend my points?
  • Rewards are awarded when a specific number of points is collected. Your first reward is at 500 points and is a discount of $5. This discount appears under coupon codes in the check out screen. They will only be usable once, but you keep collecting toward your next reward!

  • How do I check my points?
  • Log into the site and then click the “Rewards” link in the upper right-hand corner of the window next to the Cart Button. Log in and the panel that opens will be titled with your current Standing and number of points. It will also show you what your next reward is and how close you are to achieving it.

  • How do I earn points?
  • There are a lot of ways to earn! The chart above goes over these features, but let’s talk about them too.

    You can earn points by buying your favorite art supplies. The amount of points vary from standing to standing, but all members earn points for purchases.

    You can earn points by Following our page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Every month you can earn additional points by sharing our content on your favorite Social Media page.

    Once a week you can review an Arteza product and help us make our supplies better.

    You can send gifts to all your friends. They recieve £5 off their first purchase, and, once they’ve used their discount, they give you 500 points. There is no limit on this one!

  • How do I send a gift to a friend?
  • 1. Open the Rewards Panel by clicking the Rewards link in the top right-hand corner next to the Cart Button.

    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the panel. You will see a box with a web address link in it.

    3. You merely need to share this link by clicking one of the social options below - Facebook, Twitter, Email.