Professional Watercolour Pencils - Set of 72

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  • Bold & Rich Colours - Large selection of 72 unique shades enables you to create a variety of colour combinations and gradients
  • Break-Resistant - Each pencil’s wax core is dense, durable, and meant to last as you work on all of your projects
  • Create Watercolour Effects - Add a little water to your coloured pencil sketch and watch as the water-soluble pigments spread and layer just like paint
  • Metal Storage Case – Keep your pencils organised and protected with the included durable storage tin

Whether you’re drawing in your sketchbook or want to try painting with watercolours, this set of 72 professional watercolour pencils is perfect for creating a variety of art. You’ll get a wide assortment of shades that are ideal for colouring light, mid-range and dark tones in whatever hue you need. Just dab a bit of water onto the pencil marks and they will become blendable, just like watercolour paints. These are perfect for a variety of both watercolour and coloured pencil techniques like glazing or layering.


Both professional artists and hobby painters will enjoy working with these versatile pencils, as they are easy to use and apply smoothly to your paper. You can draw small details or use your water brush pen to produce feathery gradients that give your piece a soft watercolour look. Never worry about applying too much pressure, as these premium pencils are made specifically to be durable and break-resistant. Your set comes in a convenient double-hinged tin that’s perfect for organising and travelling with your pencils.


Our Professional Watercolour Pencils make a great introductory set for anyone looking to learn how to paint with watercolours. Pencils provide more control over your medium, making them more approachable than your standard watercolour paint palettes. You will be able to bring your artistic visions to fruition effortlessly with this spectacular set of 72 Watercolour Pencils. Whether you’re just learning how to use watercolours or consider yourself the next Vincent van Gogh, you’re sure to appreciate the quality our Professional Watercolour Pencils deliver. Secure this set of expert-grade Watercolour Pencils to make your extra time indoors this year count!



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Arteza Guarantee

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Product highlights

Variety of Colors
Find a wide selection of colors, from traditional shades to unique hues
Dense and Durable
Break-resistant with a soft and dense wax core
Protective Case
The durable, double-hinged storage tin makes organizing your colored pencils a breeze
wide selection of colors
72 shades give you limitless creative freedom

A049 Carmine Red

A001 Rose Red

A046 Coral

A073 Blood Orange

A003 Orange

A052 Pumpkin

A064 Yellow Ochre

A076 Honey

A077 Turmeric

A016 Sunflower

A040 Tuscan Sun

A028 Yellow Sapphire

A004 Lemon

A100 Pear

A101 Lime

A099 Absinthe Green

A006 Matcha

A029 Moss

A042 Spring Green

A041 Forest Green

A093 Basil

A094 Emerald

A059 Jade

A092 Fern

A030 Mint

A017 Turquoise

A066 Shamrock Green

A044 Robin Egg Blue

A089 Ocean Blue

A106 Aegean Blue

A008 Peacock Blue

A104 Myconos Blue

A007 Indigo

A070 Blueberry

A032 Ultramarine

A068 Periwinlkle

A020 Ube

A109 Lavender

A088 Amethist9

A087 Purple Iris

A062 Lilac

A014 Fuchsia

A081 Plum

A082 Flamingo

A080 Fruit Punch

A026 Peony

A086 Egplant

A078 Crimson

A025 Magenta

A072 Garnet

A050 Passion Fruit

A048 Sienna Brown

A113 Burnt Ochre

A027 Cinnamon

A083 Pink Macaroon

A022 Peaches & Cream

A034 Apricot

A010 Marmalade

A110 Camel

A111 Coyote

A036 Cocoa

A071 Espresso

A118 Dark Chocolate

A075 Lvory

A024 White Quartz

A035 Elephant Grey

A047 Space grey

A107 Smoke

A023 Pewter

A098 Sage

A120 Charcoal

A012 Noir

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