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Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Blue - Pack of 50



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  • Always Have Your Essentials - This bulk pack of quick-dry blue gel pens is perfect for the office, classroom, or home
  • Write with Ease - You’ll never skip a beat when taking crucial notes with the smooth, free-flowing ink
  • Reliable & Convenient - With a comfortable grip and sleek design, you’ll be able to sign off on all those important documents
  • Adult & Child-Friendly - The non-toxic, acid-free ink ensures that anyone will be able to write like a professional

This large pack of blue gel pens will fill that mug on your desk and you’ll even have a couple extra to hide in your pockets. With smooth, bold lines and a comfortable latex-free grip, you’re able to take notes, sign documents, doodle, and brainstorm with ease! Both left and right-handed writers never have to worry about having those pesky smudges on their hands, desk, or paper with the quick-dry formula. 


You can use these pens to create those quick on-the-go sketches or record down all of those important details for your next big business meeting. If you’re working on a class assignment or writing down detailed notes, you can be confident that these pens will allow you to work on your tasks without interruption. Whether you’re working, creating, or designing, these premium pens are the tools you need to go from idea to reality.

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