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Watercolour Paint Bundles

Watercolour Paint Bundles

  • Portable Watercolour Frame Set

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    Travel with Your Creative Essentials - Make art on your adventures with a 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm pad of 20 DIY Frame Watercolour Sheets, 12 watercolou...

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Watercolour Paint Bundles

Arteza’s watercolour paint bundles offer fantastic value! Whether you are new to painting, just getting back to it or buying a gift for someone else, our bundles give you everything you need to paint your next creative idea. Our professional bundles will elevate your art to another level, and our premium paints offer the best performance on watercolour paper. Check out our latest offers and grab all the watercolour paint bundles you need in one kit!  


Watercolour Artist Bundle: Our Watercolour Artist Bundle includes 60 richly pigmented colours, two expert watercolour pads and six water brush pens. The watercolour paint in this bundle comes in tubes, making it easier than ever to create and mix a palette. As it also includes watercolour paper and brush pens, this bundle is the perfect watercolour set for kids.


Watercolour Paint Kit: If you’re just starting out with watercolours or you are in need of a new set of watercolour paints, you can’t go wrong with our Watercolour Paint Kit. Our watercolour kit includes 25 paint colour pans and a brush. The individual paint pans are movable, so you can organise them and use them without a palette.


Watercolour Real Brush Pen Ultimate Bundle: If you like to draw and sketch and want to get into painting, try out our Watercolour Real Brush Pen Ultimate Bundle. This includes a set of Real Brush Pens which work like markers when used dry and like watercolour brushes when used wet. Our bundle includes 24 Real Brush Pens, six water brush pens and three watercolour pads. If you already enjoy using our Real Brush Pens, you should check out our Premium Watercolour Bundle which comes with 48 of them!


Why bother buying everything separately when you can get it all together for less? Our thoughtfully crafted, professional watercolour paint bundles are perfect for artists of all skill levels and include paint, paper and brushes or brush pens. We also sell watercolour pencils in sets which can be used dry or wet to blend and shade. Whichever way you like to paint, we have everything you need right here at Arteza, and our bundles are an affordable way to stock up!