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Woodless Watercolour Set

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  • Turn Drawings into Paintings -  Fill up the water brush pen and transform your sketch into a watercolour masterpiece by applying water with the flexible nylon bristles
  • 24 Vibrant Colours -  Large selection of colours and shades makes details, colour combinations and gradients with ease
  • Unique & Zero-Waste Pencils - Get the most out of the vibrant woodless watercolour pencils and use everything down to the shavings to create fantastic art
  • Show Off Your Finished Pieces - As soon as your art is dry or finished, simply fold your 22.9 x 30.5 cm DIY Frame sheets into 12.7 x 16.7 cm displayable paper canvases

 Set Includes:

  • DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Mixed Media- 5" x 6.6" (12.7cm x 16.7cm) folded, 20 sheets
  • 24 woodless watercolour pencils  

If you’re trying to decide whether you want to paint or sketch, you won’t need to pick with this convenient Woodless Watercolourist Set. You get the best of both worlds with the ability to draw and paint with these innovative watercolour pencils. The woodless pencils included are unique because you get more of the coloured core than standard pencils; this means you can use everything from the entire wide area of the tip down to the pencil shavings to create exciting effects. Also included in this woodless watercolour pencil set is a DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad and a refillable water brush pen. 


When you’re finished with your drawing, add a touch of water with the refillable brush, and you’ll watch as your pencil lines blur into washes of watercolour pigment. If you need more water, gently squeeze the pen barrel to dampen the bristles and continue working. Create your art directly onto the DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad and proudly display it when you’re finished. The glue-bound pad contains 20 sheets of 370 gsm paper that’s suitable for dry or wet techniques. 


Experience the versatility that can only come from our Woodless Watercolourist Set. Artists have the freedom to turn their drawings into framed watercolour paintings effortlessly with this must-have set. The included DIY Mixed Media Frame Pad is the perfect canvas for any and all spare art supplies you have in your home, classroom or art studio. Get a Woodless Watercolourist Set today to create impressive works of art that you can frame in just moments! 

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