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Expert Watercolour Pad, 22.9cm x 30.5cm, 100% Cotton, Hot-Pressed - 14 Sheets



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  • Hot-Pressed Paper - Expert-grade pad of hot-pressed watercolour paper sheets made of 100% cotton
  • Smooth Surface - This paper features a fine-grained, smooth surface, with almost no tooth, allowing paints to dry quicker 
  • Easy to Digitize - Hot-pressed watercolour paper allows you to digitize your paintings, with its smooth surface it is easier to take photos of and scan
  • Glue Bound - The glue binding keeps your papers in tact and allows for easy removal of your true-to-size 9"x12” (22.9cm x 30.5cm) sheets, 300 gsm
  • Acid-Free - 100% acid-free and non-toxic watercolor paper


Create beautiful watercolour paintings with vibrancy that will last with our Expert Hot-Pressed Watercolour Paper Pad. Our expert-grade watercolour pad features 14 sheets of double-sided watercolour paper. Each sheet of watercolour paper included in this pad is hot-pressed and 100% cotton. Hot-pressed paper preserves the vibrancy of your colours and is significantly easier to photograph and digitise. Since our hot-pressed paper features a fine-grained, smooth surface with almost no tooth, photographing and scanning your finished paintings is trouble-free. 


Our Expert Hot-Pressed Watercolour Paper Pad is 100% non-toxic and safe for artists of backgrounds and skill levels. Additionally, the acid-free paper preserves the vibrancy of your colours by preventing hue deterioration, yellowing, and fading. Each sheet of paper is held in place by a secure glue binding. The glue binding makes removing your true-to-size 22.9cm x 30.5cm watercolour paintings a breeze. Produce museum-quality paintings on the hot-pressed, smooth sheets of paper that fill our expert watercolour pad. 


Explore a world of creativity with our Expert Hot-Pressed Watercolour Paper Pad. This high-quality watercolour pad can also be used for mixed media pieces if you want a genuinely versatile pad of paper. Pair our Expert Hot-Pressed Watercolour Paper Pad with any of our paint, pencils, or brush pens to create a memorable gift for any artist in your life!

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