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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Arteza has a multitude of virtual learning school supplies to keep students properly equipped for success. Due to current restrictions and safety precautions in today’s world, classes for many students are taught at home, virtually. If you or your children are members of the restricted student body that must learn via online classes, or if it’s by choice, you’ll want to obtain the proper supplies to complement your learning. 


Writing instruments are essential for class. Purchasing a large box of drawing pencils or a few reliable mechanical pencils will be essential; the latter of which ensures that you will never need a sharpener in the middle of taking notes for class. Inkonic Fineliner Pens, gel pens, highlighters, and sketchbooks are also useful for taking notes.  And if your curriculum entails more colourful assignments, stock up on an entire rainbow assortment of coloured pencils, alcohol markers, acrylic markers and drawing pads


Stay organised with Arteza. While learning at home, staying organised will be key to completing assignments in a timely fashion. Conveniently maintain your weekly schedule, assignments due and test dates by incorporating Arteza’s calendars and weekly planner pads into your life. The latter of which, for instance, includes weekly and daily to-do lists in order to schedule everything from chores to homework submissions.


You can also corral loose pens, paperclips and other office supplies by using a cute and clever storage caddy. Keep your workspace orderly and free from clutter by using our tray organiser to corral your office supplies, papers, and folders. Or add a stack of sticky-notes to the desk area for quick notes and reminders throughout the school day.


Elementary students may need a reasonable amount of art supplies. Provide them with art markers, watercolour paints and watercolour paper for these assignments. Additional sketch pads and pencils are great to assist students when completing their creative assignments.


Middle and high school students may have virtual art classes at home, so be sure to add: canvases, canvas panels, paint brushes, acrylic paints and more to their virtual learning arsenal. Although these creations may be submitted digitally by photo or ZOOM, the actual creation is produced at home. Let Arteza deliver your affordable arts, crafts and office supplies for a convenient, successful semester of learning.