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EverBlend™ Ultra Markers Replacement Nibs, Rubber Brush Tip - Set of 10



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  • Easy to Replace - Simply use your Arteza marker tweezers to replace each nib
  • Rubber Brush Tip - Harder to find style of replacement marker nibs
  • EverBlend Ultra Markers - This set of replacement nibs is designed for our EverBlend Ultra Markers 
  • Long-Lasting Nibs - Use this set of 10 replacement nibs to revive your EverBlend Ultra Markers 


Revitalize your current alcohol-based marker set with Arteza’s EverBlend Ultra Marker Replacement Nib Set of 10. This set of 10 rubber brush tip marker replacement nibs is designed for our premium, best-seller, EverBlend Ultra Art Markers. Keeping your marker nibs fresh will greatly assist you when coloring, drawing, illustrating, or sketching. 


This set of long-lasting rubber brush tip replacement nibs is easy to use when you’re working with our marker tweezers (which are included in most of our EverBlend Ultra Marker sets). To replace your marker's nib simply (1) pull the nib out of the marker slowly to avoid an ink splash, (2) replace the nib, and (3) after replacing the nib, wait a little while until the color becomes stable. 


Keep your marker collection up to date with our EverBlend Ultra Marker Replacement Nib Set of 10. This well-crafted set of premium rubber brush tip marker replacement nibs makes a marvellous addition to any marker artist’s collection. Stay prepared for the moment you realize your markers need new tips with this EverBlend Ultra Marker Replacement Nib Set of 10! 


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