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Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat, 45.7cm x 61cm

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  • Safe Cutting & Trimming - Non-slip, double-sided surface guarantees a safe, stable cut
  • Durable & Dependable - Thick, self-healing surface reseals itself after cuts, protecting your blades & knives
  • Easy to Read Grid -Convenient grid with angles (75°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 15°) for easy, precise cutting
  • Long-Lasting Cutting Mat -Durable, flexible & does not warp, so you can ensure it's made to last

Measure, cut and trim without any concerns arising with our 45.7 x 61 cm Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat. Our self healing rotary cutting mat features an easy to read grid, for your convenience. The convenient grid featured on both sides of our rotary cutting mat provides the following degree measurements: 75°, 60°, 45°, 30° and 15°. Our self-healing cutting mat is dual-sided, and reseals itself after every cut to protect your blades and knives. Both sides of our dual-sided self healing cutting mat are non-slip. The non-slip nature of our Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat ensures safe, secure cuts, since your cutting surface won’t budge. 


Our 45.7 cm x 61 cm Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is durable and long-lasting; this self-healing cutting mat is the perfect combination of being stiff enough to provide a dependable cutting surface yet flexible enough to roll up and travel. Our cutting mat won’t warp and was designed to be a long-lived addition to your arts and crafts, DIY or quilting collection.


If you’re a quilter or crafter, our 45.7 cm x 61 cm Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is the perfect accessory to add to your kit! By investing in our high-quality, self-healing cutting mat, you can confidently have this help you create all the pieces you’ve dreamed of and more. Upgrade to our 45.7 cm x 61 cm Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat!

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