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Fuse Beads 10,000 - 12 Colour Set

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  • Wide Selection of Colours - Craft and create with 12 unique colours to make unique artwork
  • Stackable Storage Container - Organise your fuse beads and accessories neatly with the 3-level, portable storage case
  • Crafting Tools Included - Your set comes with 5 pegboards, 5 reusable ironing sheets, and 2 tweezers
  • Make a Variety of Crafts - Make colourful accessories, keychains, ornaments, and character art


Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic set of 10,000 Fuse Beads in 12 Colours. This well-loved and highly approachable art form from the ‘80s can bring the whole family together! Our fuse beads 10,000-count set comes complete with 10,000 fuse beads in 12 vibrant colours, five pegboards, five reusable ironing sheets, two tweezers and a stackable storage container. 


The only thing missing from this all-in-one 10,000 Fuse Beads in 12 Colours set is an iron and your limitless imagination. This fuse bead set comes complete with all the tools you need, as well as a stackable storage unit. Our stackable fuse beads storage container comes with three levels to securely store your beads, ironing sheets, tweezers, and pegboards. The stackable storage container (included) makes organising and travelling with your fuse beads a walk in the park.


Spark creativity in your life and everyone around you with our set of 10,000 Fuse Beads in 12 Colours. Children will delight in this hands-on form of art to create fun shapes, animals and more! Adults will be reminded of the fun they had in primary school and experience that all over again with their loved ones. Create art and memories that will last a lifetime with our premium 10,000 Fuse Beads in 12 Colours.

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