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Stretched Canvas

Stretched Canvas

Stretched Canvas

Create your next masterpiece on a stretched canvases! You can draw, paint, decoupage or collage anything on the pre-primed canvas material that is firmly stretched over a durable pinewood bar and stapled to the back of the frame. Whether you’re looking a large canvas to create huge wall art or a little canvas for your desk, you’ll be able to get the right size for your project. You can paint a realistic landscape or try the latest pour on paint techniques to create an abstract piece of artwork. Whatever you’re working on will look its best on a premium stretched canvas.


What can I use to draw on a canvas? Anything you can think of! For beginners, draw something simple or learn to trace a design you love onto the canvas. It can be planned out or you can improvise and add as you go. The tools usually used to draw on canvases are graphite pencils, which you can use to sketch out your ideas before starting to paint. You can also use coloured art pencils, watercolour pencils, soft and oil pastels and charcoal. It’s recommended to use a fixative to adhere the dry media securely to the canvas after you’re finished.


What is the difference between canvas and stretched canvas? Canvas is a durable material that most, if not all, artists and painters use. But before it is stretched it is rolled up like a piece of fabric that can be cut and measured to any size. Our canvases are stretched between a wooden stretcher bar to hold the fabric surface and they’re stapled securely to the wood frame. Artists used to, and sometimes still do make their own canvases but our canvases are pre-made so you can start creating as soon as they arrive.


Can I use markers on canvas? Yes, you can. The best markers to use on canvas are acrylic or oil based markers. Acrylic is better for beginners, meanwhile if you have some experience with oil paints, oil based markers are a perfect tool to experiment with on 

canvas. But alcohol-based markers like Everblends may not be the best choice. They’ll leave faded marks instead of nice fluid colour against the gesso. You can also use permanent markers or sharpies for lettering or detailing for your artwork.


Let your imagination soar on our canvases! Don't be afraid to try mixed media techniques. The canvases are great for gluing and applying different materials to the surface such as magazine clippings, beading and other materials. You can also make a photo collage of your favourite memories. Your finished artwork will make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Your ready-to-display pieces will look professional and polished and you’ll be glad you chose a stretched canvas for your artwork. Grab a canvas today and start creating!


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