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Oval Stretched Canvas, 20.3cm x 30.5cm - Pack of 8

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  • Unique Oval Shape - Unique presentation enabling your artwork to really stand-out
  • 100% Cotton Surface - Made of 100% cotton stretched on a wooden frame providing you with an incredible durable surface 
  • Pre-Primed Canvases - Each canvas is pre-primed with three coats of titanium acrylic gesso, saving you time, money, & energy 
  • Bulk Pack of 8 - Budget-friendly set provides you with 8 oval canvases with 20.3cm x 30.5cm sides


Our Classic Oval Stretched Canvases Set provides you with 8 unique oval canvases to bring to life. Oval canvases frame your work beautifully and really stand-out in comparison to rectangular and square canvases.  Each canvas is carefully pre-primed with three coats of cruelty-free (animal friendly) non-toxic, titanium acrylic gesso. Since your canvases arrive pre-primed, saving you the extra hassle, time, and money; start painting the moment you feel inspired. 


Our Oval Stretched Canvases are constructed of 100% cotton canvas and durable stretcher bars. The wood stretcher bars allow you to hang your artwork the moment it's finished drying. These canvases are ideal for a wide variety of media, including gouache, tempera, acrylic, oil and pouring paints as well as charcoal, pastels, permanent markers and acrylic painting markers. Our Classic Oval Stretched Canvases feature the perfect texture for paint to adhere to effortlessly. Make these Oval Stretched Canvases your own to create marvelous mixed media masterpieces. 


Invite variety into your collection of canvases by adding this bulk 8-pack of Oval Canvases. Working on Oval Canvases is the same as working on square or rectangular canvases, the only difference is they are far more eye-catching. Spend this extra time foisted upon us by painting spectacular paintings and mixed media creations on our reliable Oval Canvases. Now is the best time to invest in this bulk set of affordable Oval Canvases to see all that you can create this new year. Allow yourself to create more paintings than ever before throughout the year by adding this set of 8 Oval Canvases to your cart today.

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