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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Capture your attention with a bright set of stick notes. These little sticky pads of paper come in countless colours, shapes, sizes and designs, making them a perfect addition to your office, home, or crafting room. Don’t be deceived by their simplicity—these sheets of sticky paper are so versatile that once you add them to your repertoire, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Try our sets of colourful, patterned or simple notes to add convenience and organisation to your workspace.


What are sticky notes used for? Sticky notes are pieces of coloured paper with adhesive on the back. They’re typically used in offices but you can also use them at school or home to remind you of important notes or reminders. Also since they’re perfect squares, you can use them for origami and other cute paper crafts. You can even quickly sketch an idea on one and add it to your notebook to create a finished piece later.


How many colours of sticky notes are there? You can find these notes in almost any colour. Whether you want bright, bold neon or a simple, elegant design, these beautiful notes can help with any project. Although they are typically solid-coloured, they sometimes come in patterns, too. Colours that are light enough to write on are most common, but that does not mean that you will not be able to find purple, navy blue or even black sticky notes if those colours work best for you!


What is the size of a sticky note? Sticky notes are typically small. 7.6 x 7.6 cm sticky notes are some of the most common but you can find them in smaller and larger sizes as well. Sometimes you can find different shapes such as stars, clouds, hearts and even animals! Our sticky notes are the typical size and we have both bold colour versions and lined versions.  


Get organised with a set of convenient sticky notes. Keep them on your desk, in your backpack, or near your fridge. You’ll be prepared to make quick notes and reminders for yourself in just a couple minutes and you can stick them somewhere you can easily see. You may want to keep a trusty pen nearby as well so you can write what you need quickly. If you’re feeling a burst of creativity, use a sticky note as a small sketchpad or fold a cute origami character to keep you company. Get a bulk set today and get all the sticky notes you need for success.


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