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Extra-Fine Marker Replacement Nibs - Set of 10



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  • Replacement Nibs Set - Includes 10 plastic replacement nibs and a pair of tweezers 
  • Versatile Nibs - Can be used to replenish your acrylic, glass and/or liquid chalk markers
  • Instructions Included - Follow the included easy-to-follow instructions to replace your markers’ nibs
  • Marker Tweezers - Use the stainless steel marker tweezers to replace the nibs on your markers 


Restore your well-loved markers with Arteza’s Marker Replacement Nibs Set of 10. There’s no need to waste your money on a new set of markers just because a few of their nibs are worn out, thanks to this Marker Replacement Nibs Set of 10. This well-crafted set of plastic nib replacements for markers comes complete with a set of stainless steel marker tweezers, to make replacing your marker tips easy. 


To replace your marker nibs follow the included instructions: 1. Pull the nib out of the marker slowly (to avoid ink splash), 2. Replace nib, 3. Pump the marker to reactivate it, and 4. Test your marker out to ensure the color is stable before using it on your art projects. Secure this professional-grade Marker Replacement Nibs Set to use to completely restore your favorite markers. 


This set of plastic Marker Replacement Nibs is designed to work alongside Arteza-brand markers specifically. Stay prepared for the moment your markers need to be brought back to life by keeping this plastic marker replacement nibs in your marker collection. Don’t wait for the moment your markers need reviving, stay ready by investing in this affordable Marker Replacement Nibs Set today! 

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