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Round Stretched Canvas, 20.3cm Diameter - Pack of 10

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  • Round Shape - The circular shape of our canvases provide artists with canvases that are perfect for portrait pieces
  • Pre-Primed Canvases - Each canvas is carefully primed with three coats of non-toxic, titanium acrylic gesso making your canvases completely ready to use 
  • Cotton Canvases - Made of 100% cotton, providing you with a dependable surface to transform 
  • Bulk Pack - Save big with this bulk pack of 10 canvases, each with a diameter of 8” (20.3 cm)


Create immersive paintings on our set of 10 Round 8” Stretched Canvases. This set includes: (10) pre-primed canvases that are ready to start painting the moment you are. Express yourself with: oil, acrylic, tempera, gouache, spray and pouring paints all on our versatile canvases. 


Our pre-primed, Round Stretched Canvases feature the perfect texture for paints to adhere to effortlessly. You’ll find that painting on our canvases is straightforward and hassle-free. These 100% cotton Stretched Canvases make blending and layering your paints an absolute breeze. This affordable bulk pack of 10 canvases will go to great use by any visual artist, regardless of their skill set, and medium of choice. 


Paint like a professional with our 10-pack of Round Stretched Canvases. Whether you are just learning how to paint or have been for decades, you are sure to find yourself in awe at the astounding quality of our canvases. This year invest in your artwork by upgrading to this affordable, must-have 10-pack of canvases, each with an 8 inch (20.3 cm) diameter. Secure this set of Round Stretched Canvases to make this year your most creative year yet.


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