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Sculpture & Modelling

Sculpture & Modelling

Sculpture & Modelling

Master the art of sculpting with sculpture & modelling tools. These handy little tools will help you capture the perfect curves, details, and sharp edges in your work. Each one was specially designed and used by sculptors for years to create that smooth and polished look. You can use these for sculpting out of a solid block of clay or while you throw pieces on the wheel. You’ll appreciate how each tool can help you create a unique shape that you wouldn’t be able to create with just your hands. Get your set today and start sculpting like a renaissance artist.


What are some sculpting tools? Some sculpting tools are for scraping, some are for creating dives in your piece, and some are designed to give your clay texture. You’ll find tools called Loop & Ribbon tools, shapers, paddles, and more. In our comprehensive set, we’ve included all the tools you’ll need to create a unique piece.


How to clean sculpting tools? The best way is to wash them with warm water and soap before the clay can dry on them. You’ll also want to wipe away any excess clay with a paper towel to make sure every little piece is removed from your tools.


Which polymer clay is best for sculpting? While there are many brands of polymer clay, the best clays will be soft, kneadable, bright, and keeps its colour after being baked. Depending on your sculpting style, there are clays that are tougher. Our clay is a great option because it combines all the qualities of the best clays and comes in a convenient set of 42 colours.


Experiment with all the different sculpting tools and see what calls to you as you create a masterpiece. Whether you’re smoothing out harsh edges or carving a design into your piece, these tools have just the right shapes to get you started. What’s better is that many of these tools can be used for other purposes as well, like painting or scratching out designs on scratch paper. Whatever you decide to use these tools for, you’ll be surprised at how handy their shapes out. Grab a set today and see the difference they’ll make in your sculptures. 


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