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Scrapbooks are a great way to remind yourself of significant and precious moments in your life. If you’ve been collecting scraps like ticket stubs, brochures, family photos, or even things like leaves or wrappers, a scrapbook is perfect for putting all of these things in one place. You can customise the pages with fun techniques and stickers in whichever way you like. Our scrapbooks come with durable covers and a stylish ribbon to keep it closed when you’re not looking through it. Get yourself a scrapbook album today and start reminiscing about the good times.


What is a scrapbook? A scrapbook is typically a book that’s filled with blank pages that you can fill with things like photos or little mementos. You’ll be able to find scrapbooks in a variety of sizes, but they’ll always have room for you to add a personal touch. Add notes, drawings, or decorations to the page to add a bit of excitement in each page turn.


How do I organise a scrapbook? Depending on the topic you’re scrapbooking, there’s a couple of ways you can do this. If your scrapbook is about one moment, for example, a scrapbook that’s just about one memorable Christmas, then you can probably set up the pages in whatever order you like best. In general, the best order would be to go chronologically, so whatever you remember came first would be a good place to start.


Do guys like scrapbooks as gifts? That will all depend on the special man in your life! If you have lots of funny moments together it could be a great way to remind him of your time together. Also if it’s for a family member like your dad, it could be an emotional gift that’s extremely heartfelt. In general, it’s always best to gauge the person you’re trying to get a gift for, before deciding what to get them.


Get all the scrapbooking supplies you need right here at Arteza. From sparkling gel pens to school glue for your photos, we have all the tools you need to create a truly custom scrapbook. Each thick page allows you to layer on stickers, vinyl decals, and even custom cut paper decorations. If you like a more simple look, feel free to fill your pages with fun photos and mark down the dates and times of the event. Whatever choice you make, scrapbooks are a fun way to reminisce and get creative. Grab a scrapbook today and capture your most cherished memories.


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