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A well-executed presentation is essential in conveying the right message. Whether you want to tell a story in person, present a business idea, display your art or bring customers to your front door, the right presentation materials are key. There are several ways to present information, and signs and boards are amongst the most effective. We have an incredible range of presentation products, from chalkboard stickers and dry erase boards to display easels and A-frames. You’ll find everything you need at Arteza.  


When it comes to presenting information, writing customer notices or getting the word out about something, there are several ways to go about it. A physical board or sign usually works best, and we have some great ideas to try:


A-frame sign: A-frame signs are designed to sit outside a shop or establishment and increase footfall into a business. A good example of using an A-frame sign is a pub promoting a live football match.


Sandwich board: Sandwich boards are similar to A-frames, although the name ‘sandwich board’ is usually reserved for smaller signs.


Chalkboard wall sticker: A chalkboard wall sticker is a self-adhesive chalkboard that 

requires no screws—just stick and go! Since it will remove easily, they suit menus and customer notices quite well.


Dry erase lapboard: Dry erase lapboards are portable dry erase boards that let you walk around sharing information or a special promotion. They are widely used in classrooms and team-building exercises.


Display easel: Display easels are ideal when you need to display a notice to a group of people. For example, you can stand a display easel in the entranceway of a restaurant to ask people to wait for a seat.


Whether you are giving a business presentation, advertising your business or making a notice for a child’s party, you can use A-frame signs and sandwich boards to get people’s attention and ensure you get your message across. Chalkboard stickers are a great choice for writing menus, prices and special offers, and they won’t damage your paint job! Schools also use them on parent’s evening to draw directional arrows, so everyone knows where to go. Arteza has an exciting range of presentation products you can use in both professional and personal projects, so take a look and prepare to present in style!