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Pouring Acrylic Sets

Pouring Acrylic Sets

Pouring Acrylic Sets

Restock your current pouring acrylic paint collection with our acrylic pour painting sets. If you’ve yet to explore this riveting medium, you’re in luck, our acrylic pour painting sets make the perfect introductory set. Explore fun colours like orchid, rainbow, pastels, aqua, blush, mystic, solar, spring, candy, vibrant, enchanted, elixir, and nautical tones with our Pouring Acrylic Paint Sets. See for yourself all that you can create with one of our professional-grade acrylic pouring paint sets. 


Do I need to measure and mix my pouring paints? Unlike many pouring acrylic paints on the market, ours arrive pre-mixed and ready to go! Since there is no mixing or measuring necessary, you can spend your time creating as opposed to prepping your paints. Our high-flow acrylic pouring paints are ideal for artists of all creative backgrounds.


How do I use fluid acrylic paint? Working with our pouring acrylic paints sets is a piece of cake! Simply follow the included instructions: 

  1. Shake well—shake your paint bottles well before using them to ensure they’re fully mixed
  2. Mix colours—use a plastic cup to mix the colours you wish you pour, don’t actually mix them with a palette knife, simply pour your desired colours into a cup
  3. Pour—pour your cup of acrylic pouring paints onto a canvas, foam board, wood slice, painting paper, or whatever you choose to work on
  4. Enjoy—after your works have finished drying completely, they’re ready to be proudly displayed

Which colours are most popular among customers for Arteza’s acrylic paint sets?

  • Rainbow Tones—Rainbow Pouring Acrylic Paint  Set of 8
  • Orchid Tones—Orchids Pouring Acrylic Paint  Set of 4
  • Aqua Tones—Aqua Tones Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 4
  • Solar Tones—Solar Pouring Acrylic Paint  Set of 4
  • Spring Tones—Spring Pouring Acrylic Paint  Set of 4

Regardless of which set of pouring acrylic paints you select, we guarantee you’ll love the results and process! 

Acrylic paint pouring medium is suitable for professional and inexperienced painters. Invite more creative curiosity and colour into your life with any of our premium acrylic pour painting sets!