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HB Wood Pencils - Box of 96

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  • Break-Resistant Cores - High-density graphite that also doesn’t smear or smudge
  • Latex-Free Erasers - Tough enough for heavy erasing, but soft enough to save the integrity of your paper
  • Satin Matte Coating - The wood casing provides a comfortable, easy grip
  • Pre-Sharpened -Saves you time and hassle

Stock up with this bulk box of 96 HB Wood-Cased Pencils and save big. Our affordable bulk pack of 96 HB wood-cased pencils will keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you; whether it's note taking, journaling, sketching, doodling, drawing, illustrating, writing or exam taking, this set of pencils has got you covered. Each pencil included in this box comes sharpened and ready to go! Our pencils are perfect for exams, as HB pencils are the universal standard test taking pencil. Our pencils are suitable for all, thanks to their comfortable grip and latex-free erasers.  


Our pencils fit comfortably in both left and right hands, providing everyone with a comfortable grip to write or create for hours on end. The erasers on our HB pencils are latex-free, making them safe for all writers and artists. These pencils feature a premium smudge-free graphite that is ideal for enthusiastic writers and artists, as well as left-handed individuals. Secure your satin matte, coated HB pencils with break-resistant cores, while supplies last.


Stock up and save with our HB Wood-Cased Pencils Box of 96. This pencil box is perfect for offices, primary schools, universities, homeschool and even personal use. Our pencils box of 96 will ensure you always have a durable and break-resistant pencil for all of your note-taking, writing, drafting and sketching needs. Add our HB Wood-Cased Pencils box of 96 to your shopping cart today!

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