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Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

A pencil case is essential for backpacks, briefcases and other gear that carries books and paper. Regardless of the work or study that you have planned, finding yourself without a pencil or pen can be frustrating and time-consuming. There is quite a large selection of pencil cases on the market today that are easily transportable and have protective outer skins. Put these on your list of office supplies to shop for and always be prepared.

Do pencil cases all look the same? Pencil cases can be as professional or as much fun as you want. School kids love the colourful and eye-catching designs that take on different shapes and are cute pencil cases. Professionals prefer an easy-to-find, hard pencil case in a subtle shade that fits well in a briefcase or shoulder bag. Whatever your choice, make sure the material will be sufficient for everyday wear. There are 6 basic types of pencil cases:

-zippered pouch

Are there trendy and cool pencil cases? Yes! Our pencils cases feature fun designs and sleek shapes so that you can pick the perfect design that reflects your personal style and taste. 

Should I buy more than one pencil container? It's always a good idea to keep a pencil holder with you, one in your home office and another for family use. This limits how often your pencils and pens get lost, borrowed, or disappear from your pencil pouch.

Keep all your supplies in one place with a convenient pencil case. Each one comes with plenty of elastics to hold your supplies and can even have 2 to 3 items placed in each elastic. You’ll also find extra pockets for things like erasers and blenders. You’ll be amazed by how much each little pencil case can hold and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how durable they are as well. Grab one today and start getting organised!


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