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Acrylic Pad, 27.9cm x 35.5cm, 16 Sheets - Pack of 2

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  • Heavyweight  Pads - 400gsm (246lb) linen paper, textured to provide just the right amount of absorbency
  • Glue Bound - Pages hold together as you paint, and detach easily when you're ready to display your art
  • Acid-Free - Prevents colour deterioration for artwork that lasts for years
  • Multi-Media Use - Ideal for all kinds of acrylic paints and other wet and dry media

Paint like a professional on our premium acrylic sheets of painter’s paper. Our 16 sheet Acrylic Paper Pads come in the desirable size of 27.9 x 35.5 cm, and are filled with 400gsm (246lb) linen paper. Each sheet of acrylic paper included in our Acrylic Paper Pads is acid-free and non-toxic, inviting artists to create in comfort. The acid-free paper that fills each pad prevents colour deterioration, yellowing, fading, warping, puckering and buckling, so your artwork’s vibrancy lasts. 


While our Acrylic Paper Pads are designed for acrylic and oil paints, feel free to explore with any wet medium to create mixed media masterpieces. Each sheet of professional-grade acrylic paper is held together by a secure glue-binding, to ensure you never lose a sheet. The glue-binding also makes removing your artwork straightforward and trouble-free. Secure this two-pack of 27.9 x 35.5 cm Acrylic Pads today.


Create immersive paintings without ever touching a canvas with our affordable Acrylic Paper Pads. This painting pad invites artists of skill sets and backgrounds to create paintings wherever they go. Our compact Acrylic Pads are perfect for painting in your yard or on your sofa. Now is the best time to invest in your craft, start by ordering our must-have, 32 sheet, two-pack of Acrylic Paper Pads today.

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