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Paint Open Stock

Paint Open Stock

Paint Open Stock

Arteza has the finest acrylic paint for artists, available in single bottles or pouches when you shop our open stock. The buttery consistency and vivid colours in Arteza paint make it a dream to use. We also sell metallic and iridescent acrylic paints so you can create your art pieces using one consistent brand. Sample our acrylic paint with a single bottle or pouch. Experience the difference in quality for yourself!


What is the best paint for art? There is no ‘best’ paint for art—only which paint to choose for what you’d like to achieve! Here are the most common types of paint:

  • Acrylic paint - Fast drying and opaque. Water soluble when wet. Easy to work with. No odour and permanent when dry.
  • Gouache paint - Bright and vibrant. Opaque. Blends well. Can be used thick out of the tube or like a watercolour with water.
  • Watercolour paint - Transparent and fluid. Easy to work with.
  • Oil paint - Slow drying and opaque. Excellent depth of colour. Ideal for experienced artists who prefer to take their time.

How do I know which paint to get? If you’re a beginner, then you can’t go wrong with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is easy to blend and easy to work with when using a palette knife or brush. Our acrylic paint boasts vibrant colours and it can be thinned out using a little water on your palette.


Where can I buy acrylic paints? The best place to buy acrylic paint is here at Arteza! We have a specially formulated range of premium-grade acrylic paints suitable for professional and amateur use. Our paint is formulated to deliver impressive lightfastness and to provide fade-resistant results.


If you are looking for a non-toxic acrylic in a single bottle or pouch, including our metallic and iridescent varieties, you’ll find everything you need on our website. All our acrylic paint is formulated to provide a smooth, luxurious finish. When it comes to painting, it’s important to use good products. You can definitely tell the difference between a low-quality paint and Arteza’s premium-grade formula—its smoothness, depth of colour and coverage are key giveaways. Our paint is ideal for layering and mixing because it performs so well. Buying from our open stock is a great opportunity to try out our brand!