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Premium Canvas Panels, 20.3cm x 25.4cm - Pack of 14



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  • 100% Cotton Canvas Panels - The durable MDF board core is wrapped in cotton canvas, giving you the optimal surface for techniques like impasto, pouring, and painting with a palette knife
  • Primed & Ready to Use - The canvas panels (350 gsm primed) are primed with acrylic titanium gesso; you can start painting right away
  • Convenient Bulk Pack - Always have plenty of canvas panels in stock with this large pack of 14
  • Great for a Variety of Media - Use them with acrylics, oil paint, gouache, and tempera; the acid-free surface will prevent your artwork from losing vibrancy


Discover how useful our Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack is for your artistic lifestyle.  Our canvas panels are considerably slimmer than stretched canvas, while still having the durability of a traditional stretched canvas. Since they are so lightweight, they’re ideal for those who love to travel and those who may not have the space in their flat for bulkier canvases. 


Our Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack is meant to be enjoyed by artists of all skill levels and creative backgrounds experience. These canvas panels consist of a sturdy MDF core and are wrapped in a 100% cotton canvas that is pre-primed for a hassle-free experience. Since these canvas panels are 350 gsm, they can work beautifully with most paints, as well as markers, paint markers, and more!


Stock up your art studio with our Premium Canvas Panels Pack of 1414-Pack. You can never have too many canvas panels to work with, which is why our 14-pack is just what you need. By providing yourself with a steady supply of supplies, you’ll be able to create more and continue your artistic growth. Don’t hesitate, order your Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack today!

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