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Palette Knives - Set of 8



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  • 8 Different Sizes - This set includes #1, #7, #15, #17, #21, #23, #25, #39 palette knives, providing you with diversity 
  • Mix & Apply Paints - Palette knives can be used for mixing and for applying paints, palette knife paint applications allow for more texture 
  • Universal Artists Tool - Use with acrylic, oil, tempera, gouache, and watercolour paints, as well as dry pigments, ceramics, pottery, & arts and craft projects
  • Sturdy Construction - Made of stainless steel and a wooden handle, our palette knives feature a thin & flexible blade that is break-resistant 


Complete your painting tools kit with our Palette Knives Set of 8. If you need to stock up on tools or are looking to try palette knives out for the first time, this is the set for you. Since our palette knife set includes a full range of durable, break-resistant palette knives, you’ll be ready for every painting opportunity. 


Provide yourself more options with our Palette Knives Set of 8. Included in this set is every type of palette knife you need to create. For detail work, we’ve included the #1 and #25 brush, medium plane palette knives include #7, #21 and #23. Additionally, we’ve included the #17 palette knife; for mixing and coverage reach for the #15 and #23.


See for yourself how this generous Palette Knife Set of 8 will give you all the tools you need to create masterpieces. Since this set features multiple kinds of palette knives, artists can explore different techniques and have a palette knife for every opportunity. Set yourself up for creative success by investing in our Palette Knives Set of 8.

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