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Large Wooden Tripod Easel, 199cm

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  • Easily Adjustable - Get the perfect angle and achieve a comfortable height with this 95 x 100 x 199 cm easel
  • Sturdy & Durable - This artist’s easel is constructed with strong and lightweight beech wood with steel fittings to ensure long-lasting durability
  • Paint & Display - Whether you’re working on an oil painting or want to show off your acrylic artwork, this is just the easel for you
  • Convenient Ledge - Keep your supplies right in front of you as you work on your piece


Paint like a professional and display your artwork on your very own Large Wooden Tripod Easel. This easel stand will help you paint upright, so you’re always comfortable while working. With a simple turn of a couple of knobs, you’ll be adjusting your piece to the best height and angle for you. The small ledge serves as a tool holder, so you can store your brushes, paints and any other tools you need for your work.


Our Large Wooden Tripod Easel is lightweight and sturdy, making it easy to fold whenever you’re ready to move and ensuring you’ll be able to grab it and go on your next adventure. This easel has a 122 cm working area making DIY projects a possibility as well. Create like a true artist knowing that this stand will support you along the journey.


Paint, craft and DIY in comfort, with our Large Wooden Tripod Easel. This premium easel will elevate your artistry by providing an ergonomic way to create. Since this easel is adjustable, it allows artists to set up the perfect angle to make sure scale and proportions are just what they intended. Set yourself up for creative success with our Large Wooden Tripod Easel!

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