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Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges



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  • Complete Cleaner Kit - Enjoy a complete set with 2 cleaners (10 oz each), a microfiber towel, 2 magic sponges, and a magnetic eraser
  • Ammonia-Free, Low-Odor Cleaners - Petroleum-free and safe to use in the classroom, office, home; these cleaners come in eco-friendly plastic bottles
  • Smudge-Free Surfaces - A blackboard cleaner that cleans chalk and dry-erase marks in all colours without ghosting, smudges, smears, or stains

Set includes:

  • 2 cleaners (10 oz each)
  • Microfiber towel
  • Magic sponges
  • Magnetic eraser


Allow cleaning your chalkboard to be a satisfying activity, as opposed to a dreaded chore, with Arteza’s Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges. Our premium chalkboard cleaner set comes complete with two 10 oz cleaner solution bottles, a microfiber towel, two magic sponges, and a magnetic eraser— everything you need to keep your blackboard clean. The premium cleaner solution included is ammonia-free and low-odor. Our petroleum-free cleaning solution is packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable plastic bottles. The low-odor nature of our cleaner makes it suitable for any setting!


Our water-based cleaning solution is also versatile, as it can be used on dry-erase boards as well to eliminate any marks. Our blackboard cleaner eliminates ghost marks, stains, smudges, and smears, to provide you with a surface that looks brand new. This premium chalkboard set features AP-Certified non-toxic products. Upgrade to our premium chalkboard cleaner kit today for clean whiteboard and blackboard surfaces tomorrow.  


Elevate the at-home classroom in your household by upgrading to our chalkboard cleaner set. When cleaning your blackboard or whiteboard at home, our low-odor cleaning set is hands-down the way to go. See for yourself just how magical it can feel to work with this Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges by ordering yours today!

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