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Soft Pastels, Assorted Colours - Set of 72



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  • 72 Highly-Pigmented Sticks - This set provides artists with 72 soft pastel sticks chalked full of pigmentation to use to create colourful pastel paintings 
  • Blend Effortlessly - These soft pastel sticks make blending as straightforward as possible, so you can blend layer upon layer to create paintings with depth 
  • Colours That Will Last - Offering incredible pigmentation with exceptional staying power for you to create breathtaking pastel paintings
  • Comfortable Fit - Soft pastels fit comfortably in either hand, for left and right-handed artists to create comfortably for hours on end 

Create show-stopping paintings with our premium set of Soft Pastels in Assorted Colours. Our set of 72 soft pastels equips artists with 72 premium soft pastel sticks to use to create gallery-worthy paintings. Each soft pastel stick is chock full of highly-pigmented colour to use to create exceptional depth in your paintings and mixed media creations. Our soft pastel sticks deliver a noticeably smooth consistency for you to blend effortlessly. Blending with our soft pastels is a dream come true.


Blend without any push back from your medium with our soft pastels.  Our pastels  AP-Certified non-toxic. Encourage an artist in your life to try a new medium with this must-have set of premium soft pastels. Whether you are looking for yourself, or others, this set of pastels will be a long-lived and cherished addition to any artists collection; order your set today. 


Produce pastel pieces with incredible depth of field, with Arteza’s Soft Pastels Set of 72. This soft pastels set makes a wonderful introductory set since it includes every colour artists could possibly need to create. If you’ve always wanted to give pastels a shot, this is your sign! Order our Soft Pastels Set of 72 today!

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