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12 Drawer Storage Cabinet



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  • Multi-Purpose Storage Cabinet - Each drawer has a depth of 8.3” inches so that you can store a variety of pens, pencils, markers, stationery, and more
  • Adjustable Drawers - Includes 24 dividers to make sorting, grouping, and organising your supplies easier
  • Stackable & Space-Saving -  This 16.22” x 9.21” x 12.79” inch storage cabinet will add valuable space to your art studio or home 
  • Convenient, Clear Drawers - Easily find whatever you're looking for with clear drawers

Eliminate clutter from your workspace with this stackable 12 Drawer Storage Cabinet. Painters, writers, crafters, DIYers, and artists who want to conserve the space in their studio or home will find great use with this sleek, gray storage cabinet.. Incorporating this storage cabinet into your workspace will make keeping your supplies organised as easy as possible.    

Our Gray 12 Drawer Storage Cabinet measures 16.22” x 9.21” x 12.79” and can hold countless art supplies and tools. As long as the item is smaller than 8.3”  inches in length, you’ll have no trouble sorting and grouping your everyday artistic essentials. This organiser is versatile, meaning you can store far more than just your art supplies in its drawers. Additional 24 dividers are included to create smaller sections for art supplies like erasers, washi tape, and paper clips. 

Make your artistic process more accessible by organising all of your favorite tools in Arteza’s 12 Drawer Storage Cabinet. This excellent storage cabinet is perfect for any individuals looking to keep their belongings secure and sorted. Whether you're a mixed media artist, a calligrapher, crafter, or a painter, see for yourself how this storage cabinet can improve your workflow. Add this space-saving 12 Drawer Storage Cabinet to your cart today! 

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