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Mini Canvas

Mini Canvas

Mini Canvas

Make yourself a small but impactful composition on a mini canvas. These adorable canvases are typically used to create small and intricate works of art. They’re great to give as gifts, use as desk decorations, and so much more. Use these mini canvases for a fun project with the kids or make a series of paintings that go together when they’re placed a certain way. The only limit to what you can create on these surfaces is your imagination. Grab a set of these today and try your hand at creating something small. 


What do I paint on a mini canvas? The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting on a mini canvas. It all depends on what you want to achieve and where you’ll end up putting your mini canvas. You can paint a small scenery or create a piece of abstract art. These surfaces can also be used for mixed media so you could even do a collage on them. 


How do I hang mini canvases? Hanging a mini or small canvas is much the same as hanging a larger, full-scale canvas. But because they're much lighter, you can also use alternative hanging methods.


The most common options include:

Nails - Hammer into the wall leaving enough nail poking out to hang your canvas on.

Sawtooth Bracket - Screw a sawtooth bracket into the back of your canvas for better stability.

Eye hooks - Strong enough for any canvas, eye hooks don’t take up much room between the wall and frame. 

J-Hooks - A simple, smaller hook will work best for a mini canvas.

Adhesive Strips - An excellent choice if you don't want to leave marks on the wall.


What do I draw on a mini canvas? You can draw anything you like on a mini canvas.  Keep in mind that the surface is more textured than paper so you may get a different result than you would on paper. 


How much does mini canvas weigh? Due to their small size they are typically very light. Our 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm canvases weight about 18 grams and our 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm canvases weight about 26 grams. Depending on the materials you use to paint your mini canvas, its weight could slightly increase.


Whether you're beginning the practice or art, looking for a small craft project or creating 

some eye-catching home decor, mini canvases are a great option to explore. They’re fun to use, easy to hang and can end up looking extremely professional. You can display them on small wooden easels or hang them from your wall amongst your other masterpieces. Once you start creating with them, you’ll always want to have a couple around. Grab a set today and create something extraordinary.