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Mica Powder

Mica Powder

Mica Powder

Add a unique glimmer and shine to your crafts with Mica powder. This shimmering powder is derived from naturally occurring minerals and can be used to add a metallic sheen to a variety of projects. Mix some into your polymer clay or add a touch to your resin project. You won’t be able to look away as the powder shines bright. You’ll find a wide array of shades including some that are colour-shifting in the light. These extremely versatile powders are a great tool for every crafter and artist.


What is mica powder? Mica is a naturally occurring, non-toxic mineral that is finely ground to create a shimmering powder.


How to use mica powder? Add just a tiny scoop to almost any project to get mesmerising effects. Make sure to add the powder little by little because even a tiny scoop can go a long way! Use this mica powder for resin, bath bombs, candles, nail polish, slime, and so much more.


Is Mica powder safe for skin? Yes! Our mica powder is AP certified to be nontoxic and is cosmetic grade. If you’re using another brand, we would highly suggest checking for this before applying anything to your skin.


You’ll create jaw-dropping projects with these coloured mica powders. Each cosmetic-grade powder is vibrant and will add that extra pop of colour and shine. Our mica is also ethically sourced from a facility that certifies that all the mica is sourced without child labor to ensure that every customer gets the best product possible. Mix a bit of these into your next project and see what you’ll create!


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