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Classic Canvas Panels, Black, 23cm x 30cm - Pack of 14

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  • Bulk Pack of Panels - With a large pack of 14 professional-quality canvas panels, you’ll have plenty to work with
  • Prepped & Primed - Each black artist canvas is primed with black acrylic gesso, enabling highlights to pop and shadows to appear deeper
  • For a Variety of Art - The 100% cotton surface makes it ideal for acrylics, oils, and other media
  • Travel-Friendly - Durable yet lightweight, these canvases are a wonderful travel companion
  • Safe & Non-Toxic - AP-certified, non-toxic, so artists of any level can enjoy

Creating depth will become a much easier task, as painting on a black artist canvas will make those highlights and shadows pop. You’ll only need to add the highlights and middle tones and you’ll see a piece appear before you. You won’t need to constantly buy and restock your painting essentials, because you’ll already have 14 surfaces ready for your artistic exploration. Each panel is primed and ready to use, so you can start painting as soon as you have a stroke of inspiration.


 The canvas panels are versatile and suitable for oils, acrylics, and other kinds of wet and dry media. The 100% cotton surface has a slight fabric texture to help grip onto oil, acrylic, and other types of media. Take them on-the-go or create art in the comfort of your home. The 23 x 30 cm size is big enough to capture your grandest ideas but still light and compact, so you can travel with your piece. The acid-free surface will also prevent yellowing or fading so your pieces will stand the test of time.


Creating on Black Canvas Panels transforms the way you approach your paintings and mixed media pieces. Instead of adding your midtone and shadows you will only be adding your highlights and shadows to any of your non-abstract work. Our Black Canvas Panels are perfect for pouring paints, as they really allow your paints to pop. This set of 14 Black Canvas Panels will supply you with plenty of canvases to transform during your extra time at home this year. Whether you are new to painting or consider yourself a professional, you are sure to make excellent use of these versatile, reliable Black Canvas Panels. Order your bulk, budget-friendly 14-pack of Canvas Panels today!

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