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Acrylic Markers, White, Fine Nib - Pack of 12



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  • White Colour - Bright white really pops on a variety of colours—especially black—so you can create work that stands out 
  • Transform a Variety of Surfaces - Our acrylic paint markers work well on glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic, rubber & canvas 
  • Low-Odour & Water-Based Ink - Create for hours without any odour irritating you while you paint your one-of-a-kind designs with these acrylic markers
  • Blends Effortlessly - Our paint markers are highly blendable to make painting as easy as possible, there’s no need to grab your paint brushes with this set 
  • Acid-Free & UV-Resistant - Prevents fading over time so your color stay vibrant 

Create elaborate drawings and eye-catching designs with our White Acrylic Markers set of 12. Our 12-pack of white acrylic paint markers each feature small barrels and plastic nib tips. The plastic nibs make blending your markers easy. Our white acrylic paint markers blend effortlessly to make creating paintings with precision straightforward and hassle-free. Each acrylic paint marker included in this premium set of 12 features vibrant, low-odor, UV-resistant, water-based ink that is suitable for artists of all skill levels. 


These reliable white acrylic painting markers can be used on canvas panels, stretched canvas, paper, wood slices, wood panels, textiles, metal, plastic, ceramics, rubber and glass, making them a truly universal tool. Our versatile acrylic markers make creating mess-free. Unlike most painting techniques, our paint markers require no additional water, paintbrushes or paper towels, to make painting as neat an activity as possible. Finally, you can create immersive paintings without having to deal with the clean up thanks to our premium acrylic markers!


Rethink the way you approach painting by investing in a set of our acrylic markers. Acrylic paint markers make painting mess-free and straightforward. Painting can be a bit intimidating to new and well-versed artists alike; not anymore thanks to our easy to use acrylic markers. Markers are approachable and sit comfortably in your hand for hours of creating without any of the unnecessary clean up. Our white acrylic markers will really pop on any background (besides white) to allow your designs to really shine. 

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