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Acrylic Markers, Black & White, Fine Nib - Set of 20

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  • Durable & Dependable - Create where and whenever inspiration strikes with our highly portable acrylic markers, each with small barrels & plastic nib tips
  • Black & White Colors - Includes 10 black and 10 white markers that provide you with your lightest & darkest value tones to use to produce one-of-a-kind paintings with vibrancy that will last
  • Fast-Drying Formula - Our low-odor ink dries quickly so you won’t have to wait for your paintings to catch up with you 
  • Blend Effortlessly - These paint markers blend beautifully, so you can effortlessly create convincing paintings with smooth transitions that impress even yourself
  • Acid-Free & Water-Based Ink - AP-certified non-toxic markers that are safe for artists & are suitable for artist of all skill levels 


Create bold paintings anywhere with our set of 20 Acrylic Markers, in black and white. Our black and white set of 20 acrylic paint markers includes: 10 white and 10 black premium acrylic markers, each with small barrels and plastic nibs. The dependable plastic nib points make blending an effortless task. Our acrylic paint markers offer outstanding vibrancy that will last. The fast-drying and water-based ink formula ensures that working with our acrylic markers is a dream come true for any visual artists or painters. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or painter, this set will help bring you there. Each acrylic marker included in this budget- friendly set of 20 features low-odor ink.


These professional-grade painting art markers can be used on canvas panels, stretched canvases, wood slices, wood panels, ceramics and more, making the creative possibilities endless. Black and white colors provide artists with their lightest and darkest value tones to create immersive paintings with smooth transitions and impeccable depth. This set of acrylic markers was made with everyone in mind, not just those who identify as visual artists. Try something new by leaving your paint brushes behind and grabbing this set of acrylic markers. 


Painting doesn’t have to be a whole production, thanks to our professional-grade acrylic markers. Our premium acrylic paint markers provide you with everything you need to create stunning paintings without even having to touch a paintbrush. Painting can be an intimidating medium, these markers allow painting to be approachable, quick and easy! Whether you consider yourself a painter or not, this set of white and black acrylic paint markers will have you feeling like Picasso in no time. Secure this set of UV-resistant acrylic markers to create more brilliant paintings this new year.

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