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EverBlend™ Ultra Art Markers- Set of 72

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  • Full Spectrum of Colours - This set of 72 EverBlend Art Markers features every colour you could possibly need to create vibrant works of art
  • Double-Tipped Markers - Each dual-tipped sketch marker features a broad chisel tip & a fine tip so you can create broad strokes & finer details easily
  • Convenient Replaceable Nibs - With the help of marker tweezers, swap out the nibs whenever you need; nibs and tweezers sold separately
  • Alcohol-Based Markers - Our Illustrator markers blend effortlessly so you can get smooth colour transitions without any hassles arising 
  • Safe - Our art markers are AP-certified non-toxic


Colouring your colouring book pages, illustrations, drawings, doodles and sketches is an absolute blast with our EverBlend Art Markers. Our illustrator markers are made for artists of all skill levels. Each marker is dual-tipped to make creating any design possible. Our double-tipped sketch markers feature fine and broad chisel tips for your convenience. Our EverBlend Art Markers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, but work best on paper and cardboard. 


These professional-grade art markers make a stupendous addition to any creative’s collection. Whether you are a master at marker art or are just learning how to use markers, this set will go to great use. The packaging included can be used time and time again as a trusted place to store your new favourite markers. Alternatively, you can store these markers in your marker carrying case or backpack, since each marker is clearly labelled (twice) with its colour name and number. 


The packaging of our set of 72 EverBlend Art Markers includes a barcode that you can scan with your electronic device (tablets, camera phones, etc.) to bring you to our tips and tricks for working with these markers! Additionally, we have several videos on our YouTube channel to demonstrate how to work with these markers. Try something new this year by investing in this set of 72 EverBlend Art Markers!

Download the Colour Wheel here:

Colour Version

Blank Version

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