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Kids Drawing Supplies

Kids Drawing Supplies

Grab all the drawing supplies for kids you could possibly need! We have several drawing kits for kids to help them grow as young artists. Supply your child with everything from coloured pencils to crayons to sidewalk chalk, all for a budget-friendly price. Our drawing kits for kids provide young artists with top-shelf quality products and detailed instructions, to ensure they feel comfortable taking on new mediums. Invite the children in your life to create marvellous works of art with the assistance of Arteza’s drawing supplies for kids. 


What if you don’t have a blackboard at home? If you’re interested in grabbing your child one of our kids chalk sets but don’t have a chalkboard at home there is no need to worry since there are plenty of alternatives! Our Kids Egg Shaped Chalk Set of 12, Kids Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Sets, and Kids Chalk with Holders Set of 12 can all be used on the following surfaces: sidewalks, driveways, and cement or brick walls. If you don’t have access to any of those surfaces, we recommend investing in our Chalkboard Wall Sticker, Rustic Chalkboards 5-Pack, Magnetic Chalkboards 2-Pack, or A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard. 


Should I get my child crayons or coloured pencils? Both versatile mediums offer different advantages to young artists. Our Jumbo Kids Crayon Set of 36 is ideal for any young artists (3 years or older) that are just starting to get acquainted with arts and crafts supplies. For children with fine motor skills, our Kids Regular Crayon Set of 72 makes the perfect addition to their arts and crafts supplies collection. If you’re unsure, the more the merrier, our Kids Regular Crayon Pack of 216 is the way to go! Children who are past their crayon stage will appreciate the quality, pigmentation, and craftsmanship of our Kids coloured Pencil Sets. 


What’s the difference between coloured pencils and watercolour pencils? coloured pencils deliver colourful results and can be used on our Kids Drawing Pad paper. Alternatively watercolour pencils, which are featured in our Kids Watercolour Pencils with Watercolour Brush Set of 50 and Kids Watercolour Pencil Beginner Bundle, invite your children to turn their coloured pencil designs, drawings, and sketches into watercolour paintings effortlessly. Pair our kids watercolour coloured pencil sets with our Kids Watercolour Paper Pad to set your child up for creative success!


Introduce your child to their creative side with our drawing kits for kids. 

Adding our drawing supplies for kids to your child’s life will encourage them to create like never before! Watch the children in your life become talented young artists before your eyes, start by securing all the drawings supplies for kids you need with this wide selection of drawing kits for kids.