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Invest in your next go-to travel companion with our journal notebooks. We offer the best journal notebooks within your budget, to encourage you to write, sketch, draw, and doodle wherever you go! With notebooks of all styles, including bullet journal notebooks, sketch journals, and line journal notebooks. Set yourself up for academic, artistic, or creative success by grabbing all the notebooks you need!


Which journal style is best fit for my needs? 


- Lined paper notebooks—optimal for note taking, writing, list-making, and journaling 

Ex: Dog Design Lined Journals 2-Pack, Composition Books 8-Pack, Hunter Green & Saddle Lined Journals 2-Pack

- Blank paper journals—ideal for creating sketches, drawings, doodles, illustrations, and even practicing calligraphy

Ex: Tree Design Sketch Journals 2-Pack, Mandala Design Blank Journals 2-Pack, Cobalt Blue & grey Sketch Journals 2-Pack

-Bullet paper journals—providing you with the best of both worlds, suitable for drawing and writing

Ex: Lavender & Purple Dotted Journals 2-Pack, Bird Design & Dotted Bullet Journals 2-Pack, Cobalt Blue & grey Dotted Journals 2-Pack


What if I want to try each style of notebook? If you’re looking to create with lined, sketch, and bullet paper, our Journal Variety Pack is best for you. These set of three packs of journals include one of each of the mentioned styles of notebook paper, so you can create limitlessly! Our Journal Variety Pack currently comes in the colours Pink, Neutrals, and Blue.  


What are Pocket Notebooks? Pocket notebooks are thinner than our traditional journals to ensure they’re even easier to travel with. Our Pocket Notebooks Set of 5 comes complete with a ruler, stickers, and stencils, to use to decorate your pages. Additionally, each pocket notebook includes a convenient inner pocket, to store your loose notes and stickers. 


Every artist should have a notebook at their disposal at all times. 

Keep a journal handy for the instant inspiration strikes! Since our journal notebooks feature acid-free paper, which prevents hue deterioration, fading, and yellowing, your work will stay pristine for years to come. Invest in your craft by ordering a set of our professional-grade journals today!