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Add a touch of sparkle with glitter! Just a sprinkle of eye-catching shimmer can add so much dimension and fun to your artwork or craft projects. You can find sets of chunky and fine glitters in a large variety of colours. You’ll almost have a hard time choosing which colours to use because you’ll want to use them all. Our unique sets with properties like UV-reactive colours, holographic shades, or even glow-in-the-dark. Make fun nail designs or slimes to impress your friends and family. Get a set today and start exploring all the ways you can sparkle.


What is glitter made of? It can actually be made of several different materials. Typically it’s made of plastic, but you can find varieties that are made from polyester, foil, and more.


Is glitter hard to remove? To be honest, it does have a tendency of making everything sparkle...and we really do mean everything. But there are some simple strategies to help you clean off a surface once you’ve worked with it. You can cover your work surface with a piece of computer paper to catch it so that it doesn’t touch your table and can even use that same piece of paper to scoop it back into your container. If you already got it onto your surface (or yourself), you can use a lint roller to remove it from your surfaces.


How do you add glitter to fabric? You’ll want to get some kind of fabric adhesive so that it can stick to fabric. Any fabric glue or crafting glue that dries clear and is flexible will be a good choice. You can either paint the glue into a design or squeeze it directly from the bottle and then sprinkle the glitter of your choice on top of it. You can also find fabric glitter paints if that’s an easier choice for your design.

It is such a fun and simple way to add a bit of dazzle to your crafting project or fashion accessories. Whatever you’re using glitter for, you always want to make sure to protect your eyes, but most importantly have a good time. Our convenient bottles and containers will make sure you’re easily able to pour it out and get just the right amount for your project. Pick the perfect set for your next project and start adding gleam to your art!


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