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Gifts for Artists

Gifts for Artists

Gifts for Artists

Surprise someone you love with some great gifts for artists. If you have an artist in the family or someone you know who loves to draw, paint, sketch or craft, the perfect gift for them is art supplies. A new set of pencils, coloured pencils, pens, markers or paints is sure to put a huge smile on their face. Most artists who create often may run out of supplies like pencils, pens and paint very quickly. Replenishing their collection of supplies would be such a thoughtful and helpful gift to them because they can continue doing what they love. We have a wide selection of supplies for artists and crafters of all levels so you’re sure to find something awesome for them. Discover the perfect gift for the artist in your life today at Arteza. 


What do you get someone who likes art? Someone who likes art will appreciate the ability to make their art, and as any artist will tell you, you can never have too many supplies. 


Before you buy a gift for an artist, it will be worthwhile to find out what type of art they enjoy the most. If they like drawing and sketching, a sketch pad or graphite pencils would be ideal. If they like painting, a paint set would be perfect. If you are unsure about which type of art they like, try asking someone close to the person. If you’re still not sure, we do have gift cards available so you can give them a shopping spree!


What does a beginner artist need? Depending on what form of art they’d like to start with, this can vary. In general, many artists tend to start with sketching so they can get a basic understanding of things like tone and developing compositions. This would mean they would need a good sketchbook, drawing pencils, erasers, pens and any other accessories you’d feel like adding on, like coloured pencils. 


What should every artist have? Every artist should have some form of sketchbook to keep all their brilliant ideas in. This helps them plan compositions and layout ideas before bringing them to life. Other good tools to have around are some high-quality pens and pencils to sketch out your ideas. Depending on if you’re a painter, sculptor, crafter or some other type of artist, you may have other basic supplies you’ll need like paint brushes, canvases and more. 


Here at Arteza, we have a massive range of gifts for artists. From break-resistant graphite pencils and vibrant paint sets to large art bundles with paper, pencils and paint, you’ll find everything you need to put a smile on your loved one’s face here. If you’re not sure exactly what they’ll like, you can always gift them a gift card and let them pick out what they like. Whether you’re getting supplies to start your loved one’s artistic journey or restocking their collection, you can find gifts big and small. Pick out something special today and give the gift of art.