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Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Put a smile on your loved one’s face with a beautiful gift bag. Show that special someone that you put thought and care into choosing the perfect gift and even better wrapping. Our bags are made of heavy-weight paper with rope handles. They come in a variety of colours and designs that are suitable for any occasion from holidays to birthdays to graduations and more. Take a look at this category whenever you need a decorative bag for gift giving of all kinds.


What do I do with gift bags? It is a great way to personalise any gift for any occasion. Having a party? Present your guests with a decorative bag full of party favours or leftovers. They'll remember the occasion when they reach for the bag to give a gift of their own.  It's also a convenient way and stylish way to transport your lunch to work or school. Also, a it can be used to sort a collection of smaller items, like hair accessories--one bag each for ribbons, barrettes and bows. There are countless ways to use a gift-bag collection to decorate and enhance your life.


How to organise these bags? A collection of bags can be organised by size, colour or theme. Separate your bags for birthday parties, then organise them by boy/girl, adult/child, or even by season - flowers for spring and snowflakes for winter for example.


Where to store them? Store your bags in an airtight container that is free of moisture and pests. Keep your bags in a dark place away from light that might fade colours and designs. Also, keep your bags in a place that is convenient to access so that they’re within reach whenever you’ve got a gift to present.


Gift bags are a great and quick way to give your gift the finishing touch. They make transporting, decorating and hiding gifts easy. They can be coordinated to the occasion, showing the recipient just how thoughtful and creative you are. You can use them in other ways too! For example, if you lost your lunch bag or are in a rush, store your snacks and lunch in a sturdy bag. We offer a selection of bags in white, blue and craft-coloured paper. The bags are sturdy and have an assortment of beautiful designs to suit most occasions. They also come with a matching gift card attached to one of the rope handles. It is an excellent way to personalise any gift in a fun and creative way.


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