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Foam Boards

Foam Boards

Foam Boards

Ace your next presentation or create something cool with a lightweight foam board. You can use them for everything from architectural models to school projects. Each board is double-sided with a smooth finish so you can write and glue things to it easily. They’re available in 50.8 x 76.2 cm boards with a 0.5 cm thickness and come in large packs of 12. Stock up on these design and office essentials and be ready for your next project.


What is a foam (core) board used for? Foam core is used in a number of ways including, but not limited to, science fair and trade show displays, frames and displays for photographs, architectural 3-D models, and notice boards. They’re inexpensive and portable, and can be easily manipulated by cutting, printing or marking. Other uses that take advantage of foam board’s smooth surfaces and portability are signage and consumer displays. Paints and inks adhere well to the paper surfaces which makes them perfect for signs and prototypes.


How long does foam (core) board last? If stored properly in a dark, dry area, foam core has a long shelf life. However, it is susceptible to warping if exposed to damp conditions and to discolouration and degradation if exposed over a long period to ultraviolet light. Care must also be taken during transport as foam core can be dented or warped. Otherwise, foam core is an excellent option for temporary signage, presentation displays and project mock-ups.


What is the easiest way to cut foam (core) board? You can use a sharp box cutter or craft knife. They can also be cut with a router or die-cutting machine. If you get rough edges from your cuts, simply use a bit of sandpaper to sand away any of the unwanted texture.


We offer foam core boards in two colours — black and white. The foam core makes these boards lightweight yet sturdy and they can be used to construct 3D models. They can be used for all levels and types of craft projects as well as for presentation backdrops and signage. These boards are versatile, inexpensive, and they’re offered in a practical size and order quantity. Shop foam core boards today for your next project or presentation.


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