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Finger Paint

Finger Paint

Finger Paint

Experience the artistic freedom of finger painting. This wonderful art form is not only a fun introduction to art for the little ones, but it is also a creative form of self-expression for creators of all ages.  We’ve got all the supplies you need to create beautiful masterpieces with this joyful art form. Set up a little crafting area and enjoy this activity together as a family. Even on rainy days, or days where the little ones need to stay at home, these paints are a great option to keep everyone entertained. No artistic experience is necessary to enjoy a little finger painting. All you need is your imagination and a little time for fun. Maybe finger painting is something you haven’t considered before, but give it a try, you might find yourself hooked!


What kind of paint is finger paint? They’ll typically be a water-based paint that is formulated to be non-toxic. It’ll be best to use them on a paper that isn’t too absorbent so your fingers can flow with the paint freely against the paper.


What age is finger painting for? Creators of all ages! Anyone who enjoys the freedom of creating and doesn’t mind getting a little messy will love this art medium. For little ones, it’s a great chance to be free to make a mess for once while still making something wonderful.


How long does finger paint last? They can last for a long time with proper storage and care. But if you’re taking into account how much you’ll enjoy painting with these, they likely won’t be in your home for long because you’ll be painting with them! In general, make sure the caps of your paints are securely closed when you’re finished using them and that you keep them stored in a dark and cool place.


When we think of finger painting, thoughts come to mind of grade-school art classes and the paintings little ones make at home with whatever they can get their hands on. Using your fingers to paint can create unique textures and make you feel the one with the flow of your painting. Of course, if you or your little one prefers a paintbrush, you can definitely use them with these paints as well. Set your imagination free with a set of finger paints in a wide variety of colours. You’ve got 10 of the best tools to paint with, all you need is the perfect paints and paper. Grab a set or bundle today!


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